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Land Reclamation
No 46 (3)

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KINDLER J., OKRUSZKO T.: Integrated Drought Management Programme in Central and Eastern Europe (IDMP CEE)

CUNGE J., ERLICH M.: What has changed in France in coastal flood risk management after Xynthia storm

ADAMOWSKI K., ADAMOWSKI J. F., SEIDOU O., OZGA-ZIELIŃSKI B.: Weekly urban water demand forecasting using a hybrid wavelet–bootstrap–artificial neural network approach

KRAJEWSKI A., LEE H., HEJDUK L., BANASIK K.: Predicted small catchment responses to heavy rainfalls with SEGMO and two sets of model parameters

SZELˇG B., KICZKO A.: The graphic method of sizing pipe reservoir for short, high-intensity rainfalls

GRABOWSKA K., KUCHAR L., DYMERSKA A.: Prediction of yellow lupin yield (Lupinus luteus L.) for northern Poland using weather-crop model

ROZBICKA K., ROZBICKI T.: Spatiotemporal variations of tropospheric ozone concentrations in the Warsaw Agglomeration (Poland)

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